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HERBS+, a blog about health and natural medicine. A Review

A Blog review about health and medicine

Usually people right now before to-go-to the doctor, they will go-to Google for getting more information about what they feel it. For example, yesterday I have been headache almost a half-day. I can't focus on my job until I have asked my manager for rest and go home early. Before the day I don't have to eat any kindly food that can make my cholesterol. So I conscious why I have a headache for a half-day that I can't finish my job exactly. So, I decided to browse the google for getting information about headache medicine that can I eat without getting any effect on my body.

I have my favourite blog that wrote all about health and medicine receipts that we don't need a to-go-to pharmacy. That we just look around us to get some natural drugs for my headache. Yes, this blog speaks up about natural medicine that is available around us. You should believe my words, I have found any drug in around me so you can do it too. You just go to this HERBS+ blog to find article that you need to fix your sick.

Natural Medicine

Some people don't know about this kind of drug, they just know about an official drug born from pharmacy industrial. However, in Indonesia, you can easily to found this kind of drug. Many people selling or production the kind of this drug. And almost of them can easily found at the market. We usually called this medicine is Jammu on java language. The Jammu have tasted bitter if you don't like you should be mixed it with honey or something that have sugar taste.

And in my experience that used this kind of medicine, I used ginger for treating my cough. The classic method that I used is, firstly I burn the ginger. And then I thinly sliced the ginger, I mixed it with red sugar and some of the water you need it. Boiled at 100-degree water and mixed slowly for the ginger and red sugar being mix perfectly. Maybe after 5 until 10 minutes you can switch off and you're medicine is ready for a drink right now. First, your drink is felt hot on your chest, and you will get comfortable condition after you finished all off your ginger receipts. This receipt is born maybe 200 years old in my country. But know you can easily found on the internet or just go to my favourite website that I linked in this article.

And last, before I go for work, used anything around you before to-go-to the doctor, and always read a new article from HERBS+ that will make your day enjoyable, Thanks for reading this article, I hope you understand right now. See you later dude.

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